Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Red-kneed Dotterels

Posted by Picasa Another species recently sighted at The Traralgon Vineyard's lake was the Red-kneed Dotterel. The owners of the vineyard have done a marvellous job of building a picturesque lake on land that is a natural floodplain, and vegetating it with native aquatic plant species. The driveway up to the reception and restaurant area of the business is flanked on either side with two large lakes, both of which boast a large variety of water birds not commonly seen in the area elsewhere. A few species of duck appear to thoroughly enjoy the island built into one of the lakes, and have made themselves well and truly at home there. Among the species already mentioned in a previous post about this location, one can also be lucky enough to observe Grey Teals, Chestnut Teals, Hardheads, Wood Ducks, Cockatoos, Welcome Swallows, Fairy Martins, Australasian Grebes and Pacific Black Ducks. These are just the species I have observed during very short visits there, as I am certain there are many more.
Red-kneed Dotterel feeding in shallows at dusk
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Last time I visited this spot was also when I first saw Hoary-headed Grebes, so it really shouldn't come as a surprise that Red-kneed Dotterels are there also, seeing as the two species are often seen together.
In the next picture, Grey Teals can be seen swimming in the background and middle, whilst a Red-kneed Dotterel is staring at the camera in the foreground.

On the drive there, two Black-fronted Dotterels were running about near a puddle in the centre of the gravel road, completely unperturbed by my car approaching them, and happy to continue pecking at the puddle. The shots taken of them were blurred unfortunately, however I did get good shots of them last time I visited. Probably the same brazen pair too, for they were also too busy feeding on the grassy curb of the vineyard's driveway to move aside for the car!
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