Friday, 8 June 2012

Lakes Entrance Getaway

Lakes Entrance is around 200km East of Latrobe Valley in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. 
where Victoria is in Australia
where Lakes Entrance is in Victoria
Recently we were fortunate enough to spend a long weekend at this lovely spot, staying at the fantastic Lakes Country Cottages  in the picturesque hills above the town. What lovely hosts they are at these self-contained cottages, and the scenery, comfort, and convenience there was perfect! 
Of the many highlights during our visit, the best was undoubtedly seeing hundreds of dolphins just metres away from the beach at Lakes Entrance. They made a large whirlpool around a school of fish and it was amazing to see the Terns in their hundreds working with the dolphins from above to catch their prey. Pod after pod came jumping through the waves for quite some time before the tide began to go back out and with it, the dolphins. 

Dolphins at Lakes Entrance beach

We also visited some of the many lakes around which are a haven for birds and wildlife, and despite some bad weather, captured some shots of the many species of water birds that abounded.  

pair of pelicans on the shore of one of the lakes

Intermediate Egret on the shore of one of the lakes

Lakes Entrance is also close to the Great Dividing Ranges, and in the bushland around the town we spotted some woodland birds too.

male King Parrot

pair of Eastern Rosellas

Great Egret on the jetty near the many boat cruise lines at Lakes Entrance
flock of Little Corellas, an unusual visitor to our next door neighbour's Cotoneaster plants, seen before we took to the road

wallaby at Sale Botanical Gardens en route to Lakes Entrance

female Satin Bowerbird

Grey Shrike-Thrush

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

Bronze-wing Pigeon 

Swan sitting on nest at shoreline of one of the lakes

(unidentified) Duck at the same lake as the swan above

Intermediate Egret

male King Parrot

Chestnut Teal male and three females near Nyerimilang Heritage Park
There are so many attractions in and around Lakes Entrance that are too many to mention here, and a long weekend was simply not long enough to do justice to it. Despite that, we thoroughly enjoyed our jam-packed getaway and can't wait to visit this region again.:)

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  1. If anyone knows the identity of the duck species in the photo above the Intermediate Egret, I'd love to learn what it is. Please leave a comment here or email me at if you'd prefer, Thanks heaps!